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At JG Safety Consulting Ltd., we are proud to have worked with a variety of clients in different industries across Northern Alberta. Our clients include businesses in the oil and gas sector, construction, manufacturing and many more. Our commitment to providing exceptional Health and Safety Consulting services has helped them exceed safety mandates and we are grateful for their trust in us.

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CLIENT STORY // 01 One of our clients, an oil and gas company, was facing challenges in their safety program. They were struggling to meet safety regulations and were at risk of facing penalties. JG Safety Consulting Ltd. was able to help them identify areas of improvement and implement a health & safety program that met industry standards. Thanks to our expertise, they were able to avoid penalties and improve overall safety in their operations.
CLIENT STORY // 02 Another client of ours, a construction company, was having trouble with their safety protocols. They were facing incidents and injuries on their work sites and were concerned about the safety of their workers. JG Safety Consulting Ltd. stepped in and worked with them to develop a health & safety program that prioritized worker safety and compliance with industry regulations. Since then, our client has seen a significant reduction in incidents and a safer work environment for their employees.
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