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ISNetworld release the second phase of their 11.0 enhancements last week! Phase 2 will incorporate enhancements to functionality used by many ISN contractor customers. It will include enhancements to the functionality for safety program and insurance document submittals, and Insurance Agent/Broker access.

Did you know that all Alberta companies MUST have a copy of  the OH&S Manual?  You can order it from the Alberta Queen's Printer - or download it here!

The information in this section of the Traffic Safety Act deals with all aspects of operating standards, inspections, and national codes for commercial vehicles, transportation of dangerous goods, road restrictions and bans as well as rail safety.

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, WHMIS, is a national hazard communication system. Download the entire guide from Work Safe Alberta here. 

For any business with commercial vehicles, this bird's-eye view summary of the maintenance and safety program requirements is extremely useful. 

The daily vehicle trip inspection standard is intended to ensure early identification of vehicle problems and defects, and to prevent the operation of vehicles with conditions that are likely to cause or contribute to a collision or vehicle breakdown. 

Legislation like The Traffic Safety Act can be a bit of a tough read so make sure you download a copy of the document titled 'Transportation Compliance in Alberta' from Alberta Transportation. "The Traffic Safety Act sets out legislative requirements for the registered owners and drivers of both private and commercial vehicles. This document is intended to briefly explain a carrier’s requirements and responsibilities under various truck and bus transport legislation."

This document from Enform outlines the industry recommended practice for conducting ground disturbance activities near buried facilities, with the intended goal of preventing damage to buried facilities. 

A safe work permit is a written record that authorizes specific work, at a specific work location, for a specific time period. Permits are used for controlling and co-ordinating work to establish and maintain safe working conditions. This document details how to create and implement safe work permits. 

"The purpose of this document is to outline the minimum occupational health and safety information that all employers are required to provide their new, young, and inexperienced workers upon hire or transfer." 

- Keep in mind that JG Safety Consulting Ltd. can administer this orientation as well!