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Certifying Partners

AASP - Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships

"Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships is a non-profit organization registered under the Society Act of Alberta for the purpose of offering Certifying Partner services to Alberta businesses regardless of size or geographic location."


"Enform, the safety association for Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry, is the advocate and leading resource for the continuous improvement of industry’s safety performance."

ACSA - Alberta Construction Safety Association

"The Mission of the Alberta Construction Safety Association is to provide quality advice and education for the construction industry that will reduce human suffering and financial costs associated with workplace incidents."

AFPA - Alberta Forest Products Association

" The Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) is a non-profit association that represents companies manufacturing lumber, panelboard, pulp and paper, and secondary manufactured wood products in Alberta."

AMHSA - Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association

"The Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association (AMHSA) is a non-profit association dedicated to reducing the human and financial costs of workplace illness, injuries, and property damage."

ASC - Alberta Safety Council

"The ASC’s primary focus [is] to help all Albertans develop an attitude of safety that will last them a lifetime. [They] are the only “cradle to grave” organization offering safety training and educational programs for Albertans ages 3 – 93.   [They] work diligently to develop an attitude of safety with both children and adults through our quality education and prevention programs."

AMTA - Alberta Motor Transport Association

" The Alberta Motor Transport Association is a province-wide, not-for-profit Association formed to provide a voice for the highway transportation industry in Alberta. The role of the AMTA is to help our Members succeed by providing training programs and promoting safety initiatives that reduce workplace injuries. "