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  Here to help. 

JG Safety Consulting Ltd. is often asked for recommendations on different tools, training, resources and services available for health and safety.  The resource pages that have been put together here is meant to be a repostiory of useful sites, downloads and answers to frequently asked questions that you can refer to on a regular basis. 

The list of resources here will only get larger as time goes by but know that each one will serve a purpose and will have been visited/used/asked multiple times by us first. 

It is highly recommended that you bookmark this page for future reference. Here is a breakdown for each resource page. Click the buttons on the left to go to that page. 

The Links section is broken up into three categories:

1. Certifying Partners - Links for most certifying partners that our clients are typically members of or whom will provide (or have provided) COR/SECOR for our clients such as Enform, AASP and ACSA. 

2. 3rd Party Compliance - Links for safety service companies that many of our clients belong such as ISNetworld and Avetta.

3. Other - Links for sites that we think are useful when doing research or when in need of information on common OH&S topics including WCB and Work Safe Alberta.


The Downloads section contains useful documentation for industry-specific compliance, OH&S regulations and best practices. 


The FAQ section is limited at the moment but is expected to grow as more visitors provide feedback and pose questions that begin to become frequent!